It might not be that hard for devs to enable PS4 Pro support


Small teams making big changes

Earlier this month at the PlayStation Meeting, the PS4 Pro was unveiled. The idea is that all PlayStation 4 games work on every PS4, but they work a little better on the Pro. This upgrade to already-existing software comes via something that Sony is calling “forward compatibility.” Basically, it’s a patch that enhances the experience should the developers choose to implement it.

It seems like heady and time-consuming stuff to optimize a game in this manner. But, that might not be a case. According to the above-embedded video from Digital Foundry (and as reported on by VideoGamer], some developers don’t find that they have to dedicate many resources at all to forward compatibility.

Two notable examples are Days Goneand InFamous: First Light. Days Gonedeveloper Bend Studio has one employee working on getting the game in an acceptable state for the PS4 Pro launch; InFamous‘ Sucker Punch assigned two to the task.

Digital Foundry commented with regard to Sucker Punch: “They only have two guys working on those particular versions. It would require a huge amount of development resource to overhaul an engine designed for 30fps to suddenly work at 60fps when you’ve only got a couple of guys working on it. The easiest way forward is to simply use that GPU to scale up to a much higher resolution, to 4K. That’s kind of what we saw on InFamous.”

Given this information, it seems reasonable to infer that Sony has come up with a system that makes it easy to optimize for the PS4 Pro. If that’s true, Pro owners might find themselves with a wealth of games fit for their console, even if The Witcher 3isn’t one of them.

Only 1 person is working on Days Gone’s PS4 Pro support, 2 on inFamous – Report [VideoGamer]