In just under two years the Nintendo Switch has outsold the GameCube


Which was available for six

Any platform holder has the opportunity to be as secretive about their data as they want. Netflix doesn’t disclose any metrics, so they could say a certain show is “widely popular” with no proof or cancel an actually popular show they don’t happen to like because “it has low ratings.”

Microsoft doesn’t even report Xbox One hardware sales anymore. Sony and Nintendo have something to celebrate with the PS4 and Switch respectively, so are going to cheer their numbers from the mountaintops: and that’s exactly what Nintendo did this week. By way of The Verge, we now know Nintendo’s latest financial data, which includes the new milestone of 22.86 million units sold for the Switch.

Yep: the Switch absolutely crushed the Wii U in record time and now it’s beaten the GameCube’s 21.74 million. It’s now officially in the top 20 all-time console seller list and has its sights on the Xbox’s 24 million mark next.The next Nintendo target is the 64 with 32.93 million.

As for the future, Nintendo still wants to hit a target of 20 million additional Switch’s sold for the fiscal year: 13 million more than last year. They’re hoping SmashUltimatewill bolster their numbers.

Nintendo needs a heck of a holiday season to meet Switch sales goal [The Verge via Nintendo Life]