In The Weaponographist, the hero is cursed with constantly breaking weapons


It’s okay though, because he’s an asshole

Doug McGrave is a hero, but only for the right price. I guess that actually makes him a mercenary. When he comes upon a town in need with little coin to offer, he scoffs and is off. Naturally, an old woman curses him, so that not only would he have to protect the town, but he would also have to do it with constantly breaking weaponry. Each new weapon brings with it different attributes and abilities, forcing the player to shift tactics on the fly.

My favorite part of the launch trailer above is how shortly after protagonist Doug McGrave is called an asshole, his mouth resembles a lil butthole. Go on. Imagine some doodoo coming out of it. There you go.

The Weaponographist is out on Steam today for Mac and Windows.