In this episode of Pregame Discharge: Lyle catches you up on the Nintendo Direct



Pregame Discharge will never reach the point of including or implying symbolism because that is the language of cowards. Instead, we’ll stick to the news that today features the following:

  • Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct
  • Definitely not checking why Toad and Mario Kart were trending on Twitter!
  • Loot box stupidity and criminal activity!

Toad has been met with a terrible, terrible fate. However, on the topic of symbolism, thankfully our own Lyle Wrath has yet to reach the equivalent of being compared to a president’s penis — at least not yet anyway. Then again… Imagine the branding possibilities!

So, while I still have you here and that image is sitting in your head: I’m gonna attempt to coax Lyle back into his cage with the soothing sounds of pop punk, alcoholic beverages, and a new supply of snow globes for him to shatter and then later consume the liquid from off the floor.

Discharged question of the week:

What is your favorite word that starts with R?