In this episode of Pregame Discharge: Lyle has the power orb and that's a real problem


The only video game show that has now escaped into the realm of text from another person!

In this week’s Pregame Discharge, Lyle boils down, condenses, and sends the latest news straight to your news holes which features the following:

  • The upcoming Binding of Isaac expansion!
  • The Man of Steel is becoming a Witcher!
  • An exclusive follow-up statement from a Japanese Sony CEO with a posh British accent and more!

So, you’re also probably wondering: “But Dan, what is the power orb exactly?” It’s none of your damn business, that’s what. Just know that Lyle having obtained it has resulted in unparalleled amounts of power that include me having to report the goings-on of the man himself here before you. So, now that we’re transcending the realms of video into text and the horrors that go along with that — I imagine plenty of you have follow-up questions such as: “What is this ‘video’ you speak of?”

Some might say moving pictures of trains coming towards a projection screen that scared your great-grandparents. Others may say the death of the radio star (which also made for a killer Rockstar North boot-up screen). But in the case of Lyle Rath, it’s an on-going weekly existential crisis that also happens to report on the latest video game news!

But, maybe you prefer to kick back and watch Lyle and friends on the OneyPlays YouTube channel playing Black Baby? It’s a magical game in which you play a black baby running away from large and seemingly naked men attempting to kick you. Personally, I’m just happy that Occam’s artistic vision is now appearing in different forms of media and getting the recognition it truly deserves.

Discharged question of the week:

What do you think of Henry “man of steel and bad CGI lips” Cavill starring in the upcoming Netflix Witcher series?