In this extremely slow period of WoW, you can pick up WoW: Shadowlands for 20% off


By the time you max out your character there might be content

World of Warcraft updates have been exceedingly slow, and although it’s obvious why, a lot of other MMOs are picking up the slack. Shadowlandshas slowed to a crawl in recent months, as we wait for the next big content patch to drop.

The hope is that it actually delivers a huge new area and tons of stuff to do, but a lot of folks are speculating that it’s going to be a small to mid-sized update. So what is Blizzard to do in the meantime? Break the emergency sale glass.

All three versions of the game are 20% off, including:

  • The Base Edition ($31.99 sale)
  • Heroic Edition ($47.99 sale)
  • The Epic Edition ($63.99 sale)

If you’re waiting this long odds are you probably aren’t going to spring for one of the two superfan versions, so you’re probably safe with the cheaper $30-ish base. For reference, with the mid-tier you get a character boost, an Everwyrm flying mount, and the Eternal Traveler transmog set quest. With the ultimate version you get a cosmetic weapon effect, the Eternal Traveler Hearthstone, 30 days of game time, and the Anima Wyrmling pet.

So of note, the boost and the 30 days of game time have actual monetary value. Boosts for Shadowlandsera are a whopping $60 on their own, so if you’re hankering for one, picking up the mid-tier or above could be an option. Similarly, 30-days of game time is roughly $15.

Choose wisely! Or don’t choose! The expansion will be waiting for you eventually.

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