In today's episode of Pregame Discharge: Lyle believes he's a time lord and that's okay


Lyle looked into your eyes the day you were born a thousand times before

Creativity isn’t a problem when you’re a time-traveling existential crisis. But, while Lyle still contemplates the problems of the universe in his latest fever dream, we’ll stick to the news that today features the following:

    • Telltale Games is pretty much dead!
    • Nobody still understands a damn thing from the latest Death Stranding trailer!
    • PlayStation Now will let you download games!

    You know things are going swell with the ongoing caffeine administrative process when Lyle can coherently ramble into a microphone about time travel and we can still produce that sweet online video content from it! That said, the process is difficult, as I do believe he is slowly becoming more resistant to the caffeine drip-feed.

    Worse yet, I think he’s adjusting to being awake now for over a week. I also think he genuinely believes in the reality he’s created within the realm of his mind. I can only hope his physical capabilities don’t improve as well. Hopefully adding 10 more decibels to the pop-punk volume and possibly replacing his caffeine drip-feed with a caffeine blood fusion altogether can further prevent this while keeping the online video content on track.

    Hell, maybe we’ll just let him sleep and repeat the process from the beginning? The online video content dream can’t end it. It won’t end. Ever.

    Discharged question of the week:

    How long have you stayed awake before?