Indie darling Stardew Valley passes one million sales


Good vibes

Last we heard, the feel-good farming sim Stardew Valley had sold some 425,000 copies on Steam. It’s been about a month since then, and in that time, the figure has ballooned past a million.

“It’s actually at 1,007,000 [copies sold] as of now,” a representative of publisher Chucklefish Games confirmed to Polygon, adding that “the success really couldn’t have come to a more deserving person!”

The designer, Eric Barone, is continuing to work on free updates. Fans of Shane and Emily (!) should be pleased to hear that they’re going to be the next potential spouses in the game. There was a user poll and after 14,000 votes, those two topped the list by a wide margin. Better luck next time, Wizard.

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