Injustice 2 is releasing gold shaders to help fund the tournament scene


Not all heroes wear capes, but they all wear gold

NetherRealm and Warner Bros are taking a well-tread route to raising money for esports: They’re selling cosmetics. The Injustice 2roster just got a little more flashy.

It was announced today that Injustice 2will get tournament shaders that outfit each of the superheroes in gold. A portion of the proceeds will go toward tournaments and community events. The new skins were released this afternoon.

Technically, all of the tournament shaders can be obtained through normal gameplay since they’re unlocked with source crystals. But, that would take an incredibly long time (and diametrically opposed to the purpose of these shaders). Initial reports are that each gold outfit will cost 5,000 source crystals. When the roster eventually swells to the planned 38 characters, it’ll cost 190,000 source crystals to unlock all of the tournament shaders. That comes out to approximately $70 for all of them.

Of course, everything here is optional and cosmetic. And, it’s well within the trend in recent years of partially leaning on the community to fund the competitive scene. Help grow the prize pool by a couple of bucks and look good while doing it.