Invisible, Inc. gets new agents and more in next week's expansion


One of the best games of the year

Six months after its release, one of my favorite games of 2015 (and also 2014) is getting its first expansion. Contingency Plan is heading to Invisible, Inc. (PC, Mac, Linux) next week on November 12.

Contingency Plan offers, “four new agents [below], two new starting programs, new weapons, items, and augments. Likewise, corporations have added a variety of new threats and challenges to test players skills in a new extended campaign.” Corporations have, “expanded their roster with both new units and abilities as well as more advanced versions of familiar guard,” while a mid-game complication, “adds new challenges and more time to develop your team.”

The expansion will run you $5, though day-one buyer’s will get a little 10% launch discount.