Is Destiny coming to PC? It seems like maybe


You must like static bags and zip ties

Destiny might be heading to PC.

A job posting on Bungie’swebsiterequires new staff to “evaluate PC hardware-specific features and ensure various systems work together across multiple PC configurations to provide a great experience. This is a challenging area to test, so we are only looking for the most resilient and technically minded testers. If you love solving new problems on a continuous basis with an eye for detail, you will love PC Compatibility Test at Bungie.”

You also need to be ‘calmed’ by static bags and zip ties. Apparently (Must be a PC Compatibility Tester in-joke I don’t understand).Bearing in mind Bungie ain’t doing much else besides Destiny-shaped things (and long may this continue, of course), it’s only natural to wonder if this might involve bringing Destiny, or Destiny 2, to PCs everywhere.

Let me know if you apply for it!

Destiny players have clocked up over 2 billion hours navigating The Director and going out on Patrol. If it came to PC, would you be tempted to join us?

Destiny Developer Bungie Posts Job Opening for PC Compatibility Tester [IGN]