Is your uncle in this old Nintendo of America HQ video?


‘My uncle says the Switch Pro already came out in Singapore’

“My uncle works for Nintendo” is one of the funniest things I heard growing up, alongside of “my significant other lives in Canada/is somewhere else.” But in this video, someone’s uncle mightshow up!

Shared recently by the YouTube channelbtm0815ma, the 20 minutes of raw footage provides a walkthrough of the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, Washington in June of 1990. Note: it is raw, free of edits and flashy visuals most documentaries are known for.

Refreshingly, it shows the rottenness of a typical workday, along with some of the flashes of fun found in working for Nintendo. The part pretty much everyone wants to see is 14:00 in, where it centers on the playtester room. It’s just a giant place full of guys and gals playing NES games: a wild sight! You also get some insight into the hardware manufacturing process with a look at Nintendo’s assembly lines.

For me, the best part is near the beginning; when a presenter says their lines and flourishes the button of the script, then continues to stare blankly into the camera waiting for a cut.

Looking for more? Well this semi-recently found retro footage has also been floating around since the debut of the above video.

A few documentaries have also centered on Nintendo’s rise to fame even in the past year, includingHigh Score on Netflix (which has several episodes focusing on Nintendo), as well as the filmConsole Wars.

btm0815ma [YouTube via Nintendo Life]