It begins…Resident Evil 3 mod adds a creepy Isabelle mask into the mix


Thomas the Tank Engine in 3…2…1

Good old Nexus Mods.

If I ever need a laugh or a mod that adds replay value to an existing game, I can count on that site to deliver. Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle is now a part of a recent horror-tinted shooter, just not the one everyone expected.

No, this isn’t a Doom Eternal mod. Rather, Resident Evil 3(the remake) now has an Isabelle mask that replaces Jill’s face on PC. Created byCrazy Potato, it’s a simple mod that basically adds something that seems so totally ’90s and early 2000s now: free cameo cosmetics.

While I don’t mind big DLC expansions or incremental content updates, I miss the idea of unlocking a ton of content in an action game for free. Now Resident Evil 3does have an endgame shop, but not nearly as many costumes as I’d like. While an Isabelle mask is a little creepy for my tastes, it’s there, as are a ton of other PC mods.

Isabelle Mask [Nexus Mods]