Obsidian's Grounded heads to Xbox One and Steam Early Access on July 28


A bug’s life

Obsidian’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-style survival adventure Grounded is coming to Xbox One and Steam Early Access on July 28, 2020, the studio announced today during an at-home edition of Inside Xbox.

As a miniaturized kid in a killer backyard, you’ll craft armor, weapons, and a base while you try to survive against spiders and ants long enough to return to normal. Grounded is often shown as a multiplayer game, but it’s playable alone, too. There’s a story (because that’s what Obsidian is known for).

The studio wants to “support all different types of players,” including more stealth-minded survivors and folks who want to armor up and wipe out every insect. Just leave the poor ladybugs alone.

In a new video, game director Adam Brennecke described Grounded as “hand-crafted” and also alluded to “some evil force in the yard” that’s more technologically-minded. That said, the game’s storyline won’t be finished in early access – Obsidian is open to seeing how fans react and evolving as needed.

I’m not sure Grounded will click with Obsidian’s typical audience, but I’m feeling the pitch so far.