It looks like Cartoon Network quietly took the new Mega Man show out of their lineup


It’s still streaming though

It was made pretty clear that the new Mega Man cartoon, Fully Charged, was aiming for a young audience. Having watched the episodes available so far: yep, I can confirm that, and the show is actually a little better than I initially thought it would be. Sadly, there might not be any room for growth as Cartoon Network has removed the series from its schedule.

As reported by the Cartoon Network Schedule Archive, it seems like the Sunday slot of doom (6:30AM ET), and early portent, is no more. Typically networks address these removals with bumpers stating that there’s going to be a mid-season break, but nothing has been announced so far. A tipster over at The Mega Man Network that claims to have ties to DHX Media states that upcoming episodes are slated to re-appear on November 11 after the mystery one month break. 32 more episodes (at 10 minutes each) are currently planned.

Now this whole thing could be an oversight by Cartoon Network (it would be the first time), but the fact that Fully Chargeddoesn’t seem to have enough clout to warrant an announcement or reason for the break isn’t great. We’ve reached out to Cartoon Network for clarification.

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