It took over 57,000 stitches to make this baller Zelda: A Link to the Past map


Slow clap

Man I wish I could stitch! I’ve delved into a few arts and crafts-esque hobbies (arts and crafts adjacent even), but this is something to aspire to.

Reddit user mitniftus posted this just before the weekend, and it makes me want to bust out Zelda: A Link to the Pastand start playing. Nearly every section of the world, nearly every nook and cranny, I can imagine the items within and the enemies that are scattered across each zone. For reference, it took 57,344 stitches to finish it (39 colors), mitniftus’ “largest project ever.” “How do they know the exact amount of stitches?” you ask — well, it’s a 256 x 224 grid. According to them it took “about600-650 hours of work total” to finish.

In case you haven’t played in a while a comparison screen is available in the gallery below. Now, onto the Dark World (just kidding, they might be all stitched out for a while)!

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