It was only a matter of time until Doom got a battle royale mod


Blackout who?

With how popular “battle royale” has become, it was only a matter of time that some modders would create a version of the game mode for id Software’s legendary Doom. Thanks to Retrodex Gaming, we now can experience what an old-school take on this burgeoning sub-genre would feel like. Dubbed Doom Royale (With Cheese), the mod’s goal is to eventually allow 64-players to square off with that legendary double barrel shotgun to see who is the best Doom player of all.

Doom Royale features all the same gameplay tweaks as titles like PUBG and Fornite: a shrinking playfield, ammo, and weapon scavenging and a last-man-standing win scenario. Unlike other titles, once players are eliminated, they will respawn as classic Doom enemies to continue to participate in the fight (which sounds an awful lot like Resident Evil: Outbreak). That last bit is an effort to combat campers, which are rampant in most battle royale titles.

Currently, the mod is in testing on the team’s own servers. You can download the files over at ModDB and jump on if you’d like to try it. The plan is to eventually give the mod a full release and then add additional levels based on popular Doom locations.

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