's first Creator Day to support makers on the platform is today


Giving 100%

Indie games platform has been a haven for independent creators for some time, and today, it’s launching a new campaign to help support them even more.

Today, May 14, is the first Creator Day. From midnight to 11:59 p.m. PT, Itch won’t take its usual cut of sales on the site—so 100% of sales (after taxes and payment processing fees) will go directly to developers, artists, musicians, and creators on the storefront.

ðŸ—“ï¸ THIS FRIDAY is our first ever @itchio Creator Day!

What’s that? We’re setting everyone’s revenue share to 100% for 24 hours. Learn more here:

Thanks for being incredible and supporting @itchio and all the creators we host #gamedev

— (@itchio) May 12, 2021

Much like Bandcamp Friday, this seems like a great way to support some indie creators. Lots of them are posting threads on social media of their various games, and some have even banded together to form a bundlein honor of the day. has been in the news recently, thanks to it being dragged into the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic. But aside from having a good sense of humor, Itch has also provided a platform for tons of interesting, offbeat gamesand hosted massive charity bundles.

So yeah, later today I’ll be taking a tour through the various tags of to find some rad new games to add to my collection. Itch says it hopes to make this a regular event, not just providing more revenue but also a good excuse for developers to share and promote their work. If you have any you want to shout out, drop ’em down below!