It's time for Awesome Games Done Quick 2016


Strap in!

Awesome Games Done Quick is one of my favorite yearly events, yet I always seem to miss the opening day of the marathon broadcast. The holiday break kept me in a relatively unplugged and intoxicated state, away from the live stream, but I’m back. I’m committed. Let’s watch a bunch of people beat a bunch of games with impeccable speed and skill. It’ll be fun, I promise!

The full schedule is up here, and it’s absolutely worth consulting. You’ll see a breakdown of the start time for each individual game, who is speedrunning and/or commentating, how long the run is expected to take (Splatoon in under an hour? Believe!), and what type of run it is. To catch up on anything you’ve missed, head to this YouTube channel for archival footage.

I have my eye on Saturday’s segments. On this final full day of streaming, there will be mysterious TASBot shenanigans (always a treat), Bloodborne, Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy IV.

Last year’s event brought in $1.5 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Let’s top that.