It's time to start training for Dead Cells' Bad Seed DLC


The paid DLC launches February 11 for PC and consoles

The other night, while I was poking around my PS4 library, I noticed Dead Cells and came this close to getting back into it. There’s a mental roadblock in the way – I know it’ll take hours of practice before I can work back up to my peak – but I’m ready to chip away. The Bad Seed DLC is my motivator.

What can I say, I have a soft spot for swamps (and unspeakable multi-eyed monsters) in video games.

If we want to be in tiptop shape in time for the expansion, we’d better get a move on. The Bad Seed releases on February 11, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It costs $4.99.

To recap, the DLC has two new major areas – the Arboretum and the Swamp – which will help extend Dead Cells‘ early-game content. They’re meant to be “alternatives” to the core game’s well-trodden branching levels including the Toxic Sewers and the Ramparts/Ossuary/Ancient Sewers.

Killer plant traps, mushroom people, a string instrument, and a two-handed scythe – I’m in!