It's worth booting up Devil May Cry 5 again to face the Bloody Palace


Test your might

Sliding back into Devil May Cry 5 after playing loads of Sekiro wasn’t the best idea, but even if I came up short in the Bloody Palace, I don’t regret trying. You have to start somewhere! The new score-driven survival gauntlet mode is open for business on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with today’s free update.

Beat up demons, look cool while brawling, and try not to get hit or dilly dally. It’s wholesome fun.

There are 101 floors to clear in the Bloody Palace as either Nero, V, or Dante (but not Vergil!), and all three characters are playable right away, so you can pick your bestie without any fuss. I kind of forgot how to fight Goliath as V with any sort of style or grace, so maybe I’ll stick with Nero next time.

This mode is unadulterated Devil May Cry 5, so give it a shot. You’ll earn special taunts if you manage to clear every floor. Graciously, you can suspend the Bloody Palace and resume playing later.