Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable returns this weekend


I didn’t hear no bell…

Japan’s fighting game heavyweights will be climbing back into the ring this weekend, as an array of developers and publishers gather for yet another Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable presentation — the third iteration of the live stream event is scheduled for Sunday, March 21.

The stream will see representatives of studios such as Guilty Gear‘s Arc System Works, Fighting EX Layer‘s Arika, Tekken and Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Bandai Namco, Street Fighter‘s Capcom, Virtua Fighter‘s Sega, and The King of FightersSNK all in attendance, so it will be an all-star roster for this particular rumble.

japan fighting game publishers roundtable 3 march 21

The live-streamed event will see the publishers discuss the current state of the fighting game scene, detail future plans for competitive events, and, hopefully, show off a surprise or two for their respective releases. In addition, each studio will be spotlighting its own collection of fighting franchise memorabilia as part of a fun “Treasure Appraisal Project.”

While previous Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable events have not exactly been known for hosting any major reveals, we often receive tidbits regarding patch dates, online connectivity plans, and occasionally the odd character trailer. So while viewers would do well to keep their expectations in check,  you can rest easy that we’ll be reporting any pertinent news right here on Destructoid.

Japan Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable #3 takes place March 21 at 15:00 JST, which is March 20 at 23:00 PT. The discussion will be streamed live on the Arc System Works Twitch channel.

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