Japanese lingerie company makes dating game about bras and sleeping


Well there’s one perk of being a man

Wacoal, a popular Japanese lingerie company, has released a dating game where you take on the role of sleep deprived woman. The culprit of her insomnia? Her breasts of course. In what apparently is a real issue for some larger breasted women, movement makes it difficult to sleep.

Available on both Android and iOS, Karemincombines the words for “boyfriend” and “sleep.” To solve your sleeping problem, you attend a seminar and meet five handsome guys: four sleep instructors and their manager. They of course provide some tips on how to get drowsy before sleep, but also help you pick out a suitable bra to reduce movement while sleeping (by Wacoal of course) and even lay down in bed with you til you drift off, and then wake you in the morning.

As someone who sleeps on their stomach hugging a pillow (alternatively a large Charmander pillow/plush) and unable to sleep any other way, I don’t know how I’d sleep with breasts. My solution would probably be to cut holes in the mattress to place them in, but that’s probably not very practical.

Handsome anime men help you pick out a bra, drift off to sleep in new smartphone romancegame [SoraNews24]