Japanese trailer for WarioWare Gold teases some of its 300 mini-games


As long as the toilet roll game made the cut

Nintendo has released another colourful – and somewhat loud – trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title WarioWare Gold. The Japanese ad features Mario’s troublesome nemesis shouting at you, but also features a rapid-fire montage of some of the great mini-games that will be appearing when the game launches in just a couple of weeks.

The gang’s all here: snotty crying girl, nose-hair plucking guy, cat in the rain, fingers up nose, wedding photo couple, threading the needle – there’s even a quick glimpse of Link and Navi, as well as the best WarioWare game of all time; unroll the toilet paper. These are just a tiny handful of the whopping 300 mini-games that are packed into Nintendo’s new title.

I’ve always found the WarioWare games wonderfully addictive, much like I did the similar Bishi Bashi series. No doubt WarioWare Gold will be no exception, so get your strained wrist in gear when the mayhem unleashes on Nintendo 3DS, July 27 in Europe and August 3 in North America.