Jigsaw, aka Saw 8, aka Not The Final Chapter has new trailer and poster


Miss Piggy was Jigsaw all along — so obvious!

In movie sequel news (aka nearly all movie news), the eighth and probably not-final Saw film, Jigsaw, has a new trailer and a new teaser poster to accompany it. If you’re unaware of the timeline, allow me to give you a quick recap: Jigsaw, the character behind this title, and the villain of the franchise, died (or not) in Saw 3; then, we got Saw 7, aka Saw: The Final Chapter back in 2009; then, they decided to make another Saw movie anyway: to hell with words and their meanings!

Here’s the trailer for Jigsaw, which for an eighth franchise film, offers a lot of exactly what you got in the last seven movies brand spanking new material!

Let’s go through the checklist!

  • People getting roofied and waking up in strange, places? CHECK!

In the Saw franchise, people wake up in strange places all the time.

  • People spending way too much time building better mouse traps? CHECK!
  • Saw blades? Needles? CHECK CHECK!

In the Saw franchise, they absolutely love sharing needles.

  • Creepy puppets voiced by Jeff Dunham? CHECK!
  • CSI-looking crime labs? OH YEAH!
  • And a whole host of nobodies you’re going to pay good money to see die horribly? YES.

And now to the poster, and hold your horses amigos, because it’s a doozy.

Jigsaw (Saw 8) has a teasing new poster. Oh my.

Hold on Saw-crew! Do you mind if I borrow your CSI-y Crime Lab for a moment here? And your intern? Cool. Enhance that right there. Yep. Enhance again. My god — it’s just as I suspected. Check it out.

Jigsaw was Miss Piggy all along.

Jigsaw was Miss Piggy all along!

Now that you know Jigsaw is Miss Piggy, the most notorious of Muppets, are you more or less likely to see the flick when it bows October 27, 2017? Let us know whether or not you’d like to see the Saw producers continue to build better mousetraps indefinitely, as they seem to think you want them to.