Journey lands on the Epic Games Store next week


4K support in tow

Thatgamecompany’s 2012 masterpiece Journey will be launching on PC next week. Coming to the Epic Games Store on June 6, 2019, the title is currently available for pre-order at the ridiculously low price for $4.99. After Epic’s sale ends, the game will return to its regular $14.99 price. This new PC version will include support for 4K rendering, which should make the beautiful vistas of Journey look even more stunning.

I haven’t played Journey in many years now, but I found its unique take on co-op and adaptation of the “Hero’s Journey” arc to be breathtaking. It’s not the most in-depth game and certainly isn’t something for everyone, but the way each step of the storytelling template is adapted throughout the different environments makes for a dazzling experience. You should definitely play the game once, even if you end up not enjoying it.