Journey to the Savage Planet is the Xbox Game Pass game you need right now


Get off this planet for a while

I played Journey to the Savage Planetback in January, and I’m not being the least bit hyperbolic when I say that I know it’ll end up as a contender for my favorite game of the year. That’s why this may sound counter-intuitive but here goes: I wish I hadn’t played it yet.

Journey to the Savage Planetheadlines the new class of Xbox Game Pass additions that were revealed on this afternoon’s Inside Xbox stream. This weird, charismatic space exploration game is part No Man’s Skyand part Metroid Prime. It’s breezy enough that it isn’t really stressful, but it’s engaging enough that it makes the hours melt away quickly. It’s the perfect kind of game for when you want to get lost in something else. I’d love it right now if I hadn’t already played it.

Of course, Journey to the Savage Planetisn’t the only Xbox Game Pass title planned in the coming weeks — but it is the soonest arrival. It’ll be added this week on April 9. Here are the rest of the new Xbox Game Pass games that are on the horizon:

  • Journey to the Savage Planet— April 9 (Xbox One)
  • Alvastia Chronicles— April 9 (Xbox One)
  • Football Manager 2020— Date TBA (PC)
  • Alvastia Chronicles — Date TBA (PC)
  • Mistover — Date TBA (PC)
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game— Date TBA (PC)