Jump Rope Challenge on Switch isn't getting nuked today, will stay free 'until further notice'


‘It will not be removed from the eShop on 9/30’

Jump Rope Challenge was all set to go “poof” today, just like Super Mario All-Stars 3Dwill in 2021. It is…the Nintendo way.

Except this time, a game was spared from the “vault” treatment, at least for now. Announced on Twitter in the dead of night last night, Nintendo of America explained that they had a change of heart. Jump Rope Challenge, having reached a “2.5 billion jump” milestone, will remain on the eShop.

How long is it staying? Well, it seems like a threat. Nintendo notes: “As new jumpers are joining, the free download will be available until further notice and will not be removed from the Nintendo eShop on 9/30.” Until further notice eh? Well if you haven’t picked up this free app yet, you may as well do it now.

No reason was given for the change of heart, but it could have been a marketing stunt all along. I’m just the messenger!

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