Jurassic World Evolution showcases first in-game footage


Shoot her! Shoot her!

Frontier Developments have released their first in-game look at the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution. The trailer itself doesn’t detail much in regards to gameplay or park management, but the dinosaurs and surrounding environment look fairly impressive. However, the developer also released details regarding some of the gameplay elements from the game at their panel at the Frontier Expo.

When you start the game for the first time you’ll be sending out dig-teams around the world to look for fossils, then utilizing these fossils to create your dinosaurs through bio-engineering. (Which is very similar to that of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis). However, where Evolution differs is that you’ll be able to expand to multiple islands, for a total of five different islands, each offering various resources.

Developing your park will be broken up into three different categories: Entertainment, security, and science. In each of these you’ll be able to hire experts who help advance these categories by offering contracts, completing a dinosaur genome, for instance, (which is also somewhat similar to that of Operation Genesis). Evolution will also feature disaster scenarios, because you can’t have a Jurassic Park game without disaster scenarios.

For example, you’ll may deal with tropical storms that can potentially damage the infrastructure of your park. I can only imagine this leads to things such as the power going out, making electric fences fail, and then dinosaurs escaping — because chaos theory.

The game will be releasing next summer for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Are you looking forward to playing god once more? Personally, I can’t wait to attempt to re-create my park with over a thousand Brachiosaurus and then wait for the game to crash.

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