Just Cause 3's interactive trailer drives home the agency of chaos


Project Mayhem

This isn’t your typical video game trailer, because Just Cause 3is not your typical video game. Instead of a carefully crafted sizzle reel, the audience gets to determine how the sizzle plays out. That’s because Just Causeis all sizzle and no fizzle.

The interactive trailer doesn’t completely hand over the reins, of course. Still, it gives you about as much agency as a series of YouTube clips can give you. Rico skydiving high above the Mediterranean vistas is a constant. The mayhem’s up to you after that via a trio of choices one after another.

Causing chaos shouldn’t prove difficult — either in this video or when the game’s inevitably released. After all, Just Cause 3‘s making all that easier than ever before. Right now you can watch the world burn; on December 1, you can light the fuse.