Just Cause 3's 'Mech Land Assault' DLC looks absurd


Out June 3 for Season Pass holders

The Sky FortressDLC for Just Cause 3wasn’t all that hot, but maybe the next add-on will fare better? It certainly looks pretty cool, that’s for sure.

Titled Mech Land Assault, it features two different kinds of mechs (which can be driven anywhere in Medici), which can leap up and smash helicopters, battle in a mech arena, utilize a beam rifle, and call upon a friendly robot for help. It’s said to fundamentally alter the physics of the game.

Mechwill be out on June 3 for pass holders, and June 10 for everyone else at $11.99. The last part of the $24.99 Season Pass,Bavarium Sea Heist, is set for a summer release.