Kalimba is coming to PC, with free and paid DLC


Glad this did well enough to develop more content for

Kalimba was a pretty neat little puzzle game on Xbox One, and it probably deserves a bit more exposure. Developer Press Play agrees, as it will arrive on PC on April 22 for $9.99. It will include two extra modes, as well as gamepad and keyboard support.

On Xbox One, those two modes will be included as a free update (speedrun and racing), and both versions will host paid DLC in the form of Dark Void (10 new solo levels) and Co-Optimistic (10 co-op levels). Existing owners will get those two for free until May 6, after which the bundle will go on sale for $5.99 for Xbox One and PC.

I’m definitely down for that co-op pack, as it’s the best part of the game.