Kamiya says NieR and its director saved Platinum Games


Based Taro saves the day

It’s no doubt by now that NieR: Automata was a success, both critically and surprisingly enough — even financially. Our own Chris Carter said NieR: Automata was the best Platinum game since Bayonetta 2. It even caught Square Enix themselves off guard, who stated that NieR: Automata was “generating sales significantly above expectations.” However, according to Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya, NieR: Automata and director Yoko Taro straight up saved his studio.


— MNBC Vol 2 8/15 (@MelloMakes) August 14, 2017

Platinum Games have always been the studio to push boundaries and deliver some of the best third person action adventure games in the industry. But it’s no secret that they’ve been also struggling to keep their heads above water, especially lately with the cancellation of Scalebound.

So I’m glad to see the creative (and potentially mad) genius of Yoko Taro’s story telling and Platinum’s trademark action heavy gameplay in NieR: Automata is paying off for them. Producer Yosuke Saito earlier in the year said that a NieR remaster is possible, only if NieR: Automata sold like hotcakes.

Here’s hoping now we get that remaster and the series continues to grow.