Katamari creator's new game Wattam is set for 2018


I’m just glad it’s still on the way

Wattam, the whimsical new game from Katamari Damacy‘s Keita Takahashi, is still happening. Phew. I was getting worried there! The last time I played the hard-to-pin-down game was back in 2015.

Funomena has partnered with publisher Annapurna Interactive for a 2018 release on “console and PC.”

What is Wattam, exactly? You take control of different almost toy-liked characters — say, a doughnut and a coffee cup, or a toilet and a turd — and you work to get them to hold hands and be friends. Or, something like that. This is a Takahashi joint through and through. It’s much better seen than described.