Kerbal Space Program launching on April 27


I’m proud such a dry title is also a pun

Squad has announced Kerbal Space Program is finally hitting 1.0 and leaving Early Access in a week’s time. Mark the date on your calendars, space aficionados and sadistic Kerbal killers: April 27will see the game finally stand on its own two thruster engines. And then promptly fall over, explode and kill all the Kerbals on board because holy shit I’m bad at this game.

Kerbal Space Program’s come a long way during its Early Access run. Since launching in March 2013, the game’s received notable support from major scientific institutions like NASA and SpaceX and has also been used in education with the KerbalEdu program.

Future updates will be coming, including a multiplayer mode that’s been hinted at since 2013. Version 1.0 isn’t the end of development for the game, just the point where it has enough content to be deemed ‘ready’.

At least in version 1.0 I’ll be able to successfully run out of fuel mid-flight, stranding my Kerbal as they fly deeper and deeper in to the terrifying abyss of the cosmos. The oxygen slowly getting thinner and thinner as earth shrinks in to a speck of dust in a sea of stars, the cold embrace of the vacuum and the soul-rending loneliness gnawing away at the intrepid Kerbal. Forever.

It’s a fun game.