Kick off your weekend with this Sonic Mania jam


‘Lights, Camera, Action!’

It’s getting to be Friday night around here. Soon enough, that’ll mean the rapid consumption of alcohol, a few rounds of Battlegrounds with my dudes, a lil EVO, and the horrible realization that I should’ve left 20 minutes ago to beat the crowd at my favorite spot. Those tallboys won’t order themselves.

Before all that gets underway, though, let’s slip into this groove.

Assuming Sonic Mania is in any way on your radar, you’ll have heard this track from Studiopolis Act 1, or at least snippets of it. This video from Sega is the “first in a series of OST releases” for the throwback game and I for one am happy to hear it once more (and give you the same chance).

Sega says it knows the song has been out there but that we should “look forward to what’s coming up.” I can’t vouch for all of Sonic Mania, but everything I’ve played and heard has left me buzzing.