Killing Floor 2 now on Steam Early Access for $30


Killing Floor: The Floor That Kills

Alessandro was just telling us about Killing Floor 2 and now here it is up for purchase through Steam Early Access ($29.99 / ₤19.99 / €26.99). Thanks to years of content updates and support, the first game is still etched on my mind. Talk about a graphical update for the sequel. Like, there’s no going back now. Also, eww.

Tripwire describes the Early Access build of Killing Floor 2 as a “polished beta.” It comes with 3 levels, 27 weapons, 7 playable characters, 11 types of zeds, 4 perks, a lone boss, and mod SDK support for user-created levels. “There may still be beta-level bugs, but nothing game-breaking. The game should be fully playable, from starting a co-op or solo game, through to beating the boss at the end of the game.”

The idea is to add more content, sure, but also to balance gameplay. “We’ll be recording a lot of analytic data during Early Access (what weapons you use, where you die, where you die again and again, plus so much more — but NOTHING personal or that allows us to identify individuals). For us it’s all about getting your feedback (objective analytics and subjective feel) and letting it help us make smart decisions for what eventually becomes the full release.” That’s expected to launch by the end of 2015, and pricing won’t change.

As awesome as the trailer footage looks, I’ll wait this one out. Standard operating procedure.