Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass is for co-op players


Guerrilla details the $20 pass

While the competitive multiplayer maps of Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free — a great move, one that keeps things fresh but doesn’t segregate the player base — there’s more DLC on the way, including a season pass. There’s seemingly no escaping them.

For $19.99, the pass includes an online co-op expansion — think four-person survival against waves of enemies, spread across four separate arena-style maps — plus three online co-op map packs, and two more multiplayer expansions that haven’t yet been detailed by Guerrilla Games. This content will roll out as it’s completed by the studio.

Hmm. Is the core multiplayer going to be enough for you, or does this sound like a necessary part of the Shadow Fall experience? It’s a tough call to make so early on, which is why I don’t usually go for these passes. I’m too indecisive.

Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer & Season Pass [Killzone]