Kimahri, a Final Fantasy character that gets no respect, is now part of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera


Another update arrives

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, the latest in the long string of ridiculous Square Enix titles (they’re masters of it at this point, as they can even invent new math equations!), has been chugging along on iOS and Android for some time.

Think of it as yet another one of their “all-star” mobile projects, where you can grab a bunch of your favorites from decades past and form parties. This week, stalwart Final Fantasy X star Kimahri Ronso joins the ranks. Wait, star?

It really depends on how you handled your party in Final Fantasy X. When I really thought about it, I don’t think I ever usedKimahri once (when possible) in any of my playthroughs. I was always a Tidus, Yuna Auron kind of guy, with a few changes here and there for fun: but neverKimahri. I even got his Spirit Lance ultimate weapon and never used it!

Maybe I’ll pay him back for all these years of neglect in Opera Omnia.