King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match for Steam now has rollback netcode


KOF library currently discounted on PC

One of the greatest fighting games of all time just got that little bit better. Developer Code Mystics has released a new update for the Steam port of The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, adding rollback netcode to the three-on-three tag-fighting classic.

Originally released for PlayStation in 2009, KOF02 UM can be considered a celebration of sorts for the legendary SNK franchise’s halcyon days. Boasting an incredible roster of over 65 characters, KOF02 UM compiles the greatest fighters from The King of Fighters ’94-’02 in one mighty battlebowl. On a personal note, it’s one of my personal favorites in the franchise, and a regular “go-to” whenever I settle down for some 2D punchin’.

Now available on PC via Steam, the new update will make online play smoother than ever before, boosting performance for dedicated KOF fans across the globe. This technical upgrade will hopefully help prolong the life and community for one of the most top-tier titles in the history of 2D fighting games.

In related news, Steam has discounted its entire library of KOF releases, with discounts applied to The King of Fighters ’02 Unlimited Match, The King of Fighters ’97: Global Match, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, as well as modern entries The King of Fighters XIII and The King of Fighters XIV. So if you fancy a solid dose of 2D fighting action, bag yourselves any of the above. They’re all excellent scrappers.