King of Fighters 95 is the next Neo Geo classic hitting Nintendo Switch


No memory expansion cartridge necessary

HAMSTER have announced that the second game in the King of Fighters series, KOF ’95, is the next title coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of the ACA Neo Geo Classics range.

King of Fighters ’95 had some big improvements over the original. Not only does the game have a more responsive control system, but it allows for players to mix-and-match characters to create their own dream team, as opposed to KOF 94’s “locked in” team choices.

It also sees the debut of nightmare boss character Omega Rugal, who may look the shit, but begins his reign of terror as one of fighting game histories most intolerable boss characters. This iteration also features the debut of emo-hipster Iori Yagami, who would go on to become one of the most recognisable fighters in gaming.

I had this title on the Sega Saturn, where it came bundled with a memory expansion cart to cut down on load times. I treated that copy like it was solid gold, getting any KOF titles in the UK at the time was a total nightmare, so it was a pretty special release.

King of Fighters ’95 will be available on Nintendo Switch’s eShop from October 12.

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