It's all over: The notorious Omega Rugal joins The King of Fighters XV in April


I’m having flashbacks…

During yesterday’s Fighting Game Publisher Roundtable presentation, SNK dropped a surprising, TERRIFYING, piece of news. One of the single most difficult, indomitable, and unforgiving fighting game bosses of all-time, Omega Rugal, is joining the roster of The King of Fighters XV on April 14.

The originator of The King of Fighters tournament, Rugal is a cruel and merciless man of opulent means, capable of slaying entire teams of warriors with relative ease, and slice ‘n’ dicing his foes with seemingly psychic (i.e. button-reading A.I.) abilities. While he cost us many a quarter with his 1994 debut, KoF players would not truly feel his wrath until his later upgrades in The King of Fighters ’95 and, particularly, in Capcom vs. SNK 2, where he would prove himself one of the most infuriating boss characters in history.

It’s not all bad news, as SNK notes that Omega Rugal will be made available to download free of charge for all King of Fighters XV players. This way, we can all be miserable together, as one-by-one our favorite fighters fall — time and time again — to GENOCIDE CUT-TAH!

I guess we should be grateful for the free DLC, and, to be fair, it just isn’t KoF without yer boy Rugal showing up to ruin the party. The aristocratic prick won’t be arriving for a few more weeks, so you have plenty of time to get in the lab and harden your skills before his arriv-GENOCIDE CUT-TAH!

The King of Fighters XV is available now on Play-GENOCIDE CUT-TAH!