King of the Iron Fist: $80,000 Tekken 7 tournament


Are you good at Tekken?

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series and the upcoming Tekken 7, Bandai Namco is hosting the “King of the Iron Fist 2015” Tekken 7 tournament. There’s a 10 million yen cash grand prize ($81,463) for the winner, so I’m going to start playing Tekken 24/7 now, see you in a few months.

There will be qualifiers in Osaka in September, in Tokyo in October, and a last round in Japan in November. Meanwhile, EVO 2015 winners and other non-Japanese players will have tickets to the tournament as well. The cash prize will be fought over in November or December, which means I’ll get you all something nice for the holidays after my assured victory.

Conversely, as I’m even worse at Tekken than most other fighters (where’s the tens of thousands of dollar Bushido Blade or Tetris tourneys?), maybe I’ll try to get a piece of the 2015 Capcom Cup’s $500,000 prize pool. Ken tier.

The rest of you, go scope out the American arcade test locations and get good. By reading this post I legally count as your agent and take a meager 10% of all future winnings (and 2% off all non-Tekken-related paychecks).

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