Kirby and the Forgotten Land had the biggest UK launch in Kirby's history


Pink puffball floats to the top of the UK Charts

The smash-hit Switch release Kirby and the Forgotten Land has been a clear hit for Nintendo, having raked in praise from critics and fans ever since its launch late last week — In fact, the cuddly hero has debuted in the UK Charts’ number-one spot, immediately becoming the most successful launch in franchise history, reports

While Kirby and pals have poured themselves onto UK shores since the late 1980s, the pink puffball’s latest endeavor is the first title to reach number one. In terms of initial sales, Kirby and Forgotten Land has already sold 2.5 times that of its closest series rival, 2018’s Kirby Star Allies. Lest we forget, Nintendo keeps tight-lipped on digital sales, so it’s very likely that the number of total sales is far greater.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land fought off competition from 2K Games’ shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands to claim the number-one spot with its UK launch, usurping perennial favorite Grand Theft Auto V and the still mega-selling fantasy adventure, Elden Ring. Even if physical sales drop off in the coming days and weeks, it seems that Kirby’s newest title is easily on track to become the best-selling Kirby game of all time.

Some would say this magnificent feat has been achieved thanks to the series’ experimental transition to 3D environments. And some would tell you that the world has been thirsting for another Nintendo Switch AAA release. And some would, quite simply, point the finger at the game’s delightful, colorful visuals, dynamic gameplay, cute characters, and overall sense of fun and silliness…

…But, let’s face it, it’s all because of that car, isn’t it?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.