1993 Sega document introduces Sonic the Hedgehog character (NAME)


Can’t wait to check out his whirlwind attack

As you all know, being dedicated video game fans, all iconic characters grow from the smallest nuggets of inspiration. Link, Samus, Max Payne, Monty Mole, Manic Miner, all of these fictional gaming stars once fizzled into existence from the inside of a developer’s cortex — though many of them understandably went through a lot of design and personality tweaks before they were in our sweaty hands.

Well, except for Manic Miner, he was based on a true story.

Case in point: This fun concept document was recently unearthed for your favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character, (NAME). As posted by dedicated fansite SEGAbits, the studio memo introduces Sega employees to a funky new character set to take Sonic’s universe by storm, According to the writeup, he’s pretty much Sonic’s equal in all matters, and though he doesn’t have our hero’s “smart-aleck” attitude, the new, red-stained character remains “the best all-round athlete” on the island!

Simply put, (NAME) is the original echidna from hell, in fact, he’s a totally outrageous paradigm!

(NAME) will be featured in the upcoming (see “1994”) Sega Mega Drive release, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, where he will act as the Chaos Emerald’s lone guardian — convinced by someone called “Dr. Robotnick”  (Dr. RobotSIC) — that The Blue Blur is an enemy of the people, and must be stopped at all cost. Get off of Facebook, (NAME), it’s filling your… high, spindly dreadlocks… with propaganda!

(NAME) will not attack Sonic the Hedgehog directly, but can steal Power Rings, destroy roads, and cause chaos with his iconic Whirlwind Attack… So that’s why this famous toy is designed as such. Don’t worry, explains the document, as the two running buddies will become firm friends, thus spoiling the plot of a movie that is still nearly 30 years away from being released.

We’ll see (NAME) in action when Sonic the Hedgehog 3 launches, February 2, 1994, on Sega Mega Drive.

Rare Knuckles concept art! An internal SEGA Technical Institute document introducing staff to Knuckles. pic.twitter.com/dcQIJBye5Y

— SEGAbits (@SEGAbits) March 20, 2022