Kirby is also getting an 'action fighting game' this year


HAL’s been busy

While there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of Kirby games, we’ll be seeing even more of the little pink guy thanks to the series’ 25th anniversary celebration. You’ll hear no complaints from me!

Last week, there was Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, a boss bashing “free-to-start” multiplayer action game for 3DS that should bring back fond memories from prior games. In the summer, we’ll face a big ol’ King Dedede with another title, Kirby’s Blowout Blast, which interestingly has a 3D world.

Finally, HAL Laboratory is planning one more as-yet-unnamed Kirby project. As mentioned in a developer note on Miiverse, this third title, an “action fighting game,” is slotted for a winter release.

All that, and there’s Kirby-themed lingerie.

HAL Laboratory [Miiverse via Go Nintendo]