Kojima has seen Mad Max four times because he is right and good


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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain felt pretty complete to me when they let me play 14 hours of it, though I’m sure there’s still work to be done. Regardless, whether Hideo Kojima is tirelessly crunching to finish realizing his vision or he’s all good and done and coasting to the end of his contract with Konami, he found time to watch Mad Max: Fury Road four damn times.

Saw MAD MAX FURY ROAD for 4th time today. This time I picked 2D to fully enjoy the details. pic.twitter.com/XbwmxAIcmF


Niero came back from Japan to do, uh, whatever we were doing at E3, and it kept coming up that he hadn’t seen Mad Max because it wasn’t coming to Japan until June 20.

That gives Kojima a seven day window (one week) wherein he could have spaced out his four Mad Max: Fury Road viewings. The tweet doesn’t make it clear whether he is seeing it for the fourth time in a single day or saw it that day for the fourth time in total, but I’m enjoying the thought of Kojima spending a day seeing Fury Road four fucking times in a row. “One please.” … “One please.” … “One please.” … “One please.”

“Sir, are you okay? Do you not have somewhere to go? Do you need help?”

Kojima pauses, cocks his head slightly. It realigns. “70% of my body is made of movies.” He glides back toward the theatre.

Bless. Now I’m listening to “Nuclear,” getting excited about Metal Gear, and trying to think of any movie that I’ve consumed so voraciously (as an adult). Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, maybe? Watched it, rented it three times, finally bought it. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more than twice in a theatre, though.