Ladycade coming to London March 23


Female focused games event hits Loading Bar

Not doing anything March 23? Near enough to London that travel seems feasible? Looking for a cool video game event to attend that won’t cost you anything? Well, Ladycade is coming back to London’s Loading Bar in Dalston from 5pm until 11pm.

Ladycade is an event founded by game developers Gemma Thomson, Hazel McKendrickand Holly Pickering that seeks to offer a female friendly gaming space, as well as showcasing the work of women in games and tech. It’s not an exclusively female event, anyone is welcome to attend, but the focus of the event is on showcasing the work of women and providing a nice inclusive environment to meet women who create, critique and enjoy video games.

Attendance is free, but the organisers encourage signing up in advance and do accept voluntary donations to help with their running costs.