Lara Croft goes on an acid trip in the Rise of the Tomb Raider 'Baba Yaga' DLC


Coming in January

Rise of the Tomb Raiderdidn’t get nearly enough respect, but that’s partially on Microsoft and Square Enix, who divined the odd “is it or isn’t it a timed exclusive” strategy that’s confused people for months now. The Baba Yaga DLC looks cool though, and PS4 and PC owners will likely get it in a GOTY edition of sorts, so it’ll work out for everyone in the end.

Dead family member? Check. Creepy creatures? Check. Hallucinogenic imagery? Oh you know that’s a check. The DLC will debut in January on Xbox One, and will add “hours of gameplay” according to Microsoft.

In addition, they’ve detailed the other DLC bits. Endurance Mode will arrive on December 29, and will feature scavenging by day, and survival at night. The “Cold Darkness Awakened” DLC will come sometime in 2016 following Baba Yaga. It involves the “Siberian wilds, which have transformed beasts and men into blood-thirsty, mindless killers.”

Two wacky DLCs that might be very different from the rest of the game? I’m tentatively in.