Last call to pick up the first free Xbox 360 game of July


New games tomorrow

This is like that song “Closing Time,” except it’s less about a bar shutting down and more about Plants vs. Zombiesnot being free after today. Maybe that’s what the original song was about. I’ve always been super bad at deciphering lyrics.

Anyway, come tomorrow, the bell tolls for the gratis status of PopCap’s tower defense game. Make sure to give it a download now if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber who doesn’t already have it. Those are the perks you pay for, after all.

Next on the docket is Gears of War 3to finish off the month on Xbox 360. Xbox One also gets a new free title tomorrow: So Many Me. That’s in conjunction with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flagon Xbox One which also runs until the end of July.

If this seems like a sudden influx of games, well, it kind of is. Xbox altered the Games with Gold program this month to include a second Xbox One title every month. With backwards compatibility on the horizon for Microsoft’s current platform, snagging all these Xbox 360 games certainly isn’t a bad idea, even if you’ve relegated the thing to your closet.